Teeth whitening at home remedies

A beautiful smile is very important medium of communication, and for a nice smile you need beautiful teeth, white if possible. To do this, as well as for the health of teeth and oral cavity, you must wash your teeth and oral cavity after each meal – at least there are many different toothpaste and many of them are not too expensive. In addition to a toothbrush and toothpaste, there are additional remedies which can provide teeth whitening at your home and fresh breath, and that means you’ll probably find those remedies at home.

What do I mean specifically?

I mean about green tea and how it is beneficial for your health. Among other beneficial properties, green tea protects your teeth – you can wash away with tea extract and help them to be protected from caries, one of the causes of halitosis and many other problems.

lemon juice that can be used for whiteningWhen you squeeze lemon for lemonade, lemon juice, or because of some other reason, use the opportunity to rub your teeth with lemon peel. That is the way to clean your plaque and whitening teeth at home using nature remedy. Just do not overdo it – this is not a procedure that should be applied every day, because too much citric acid can damage tooth enamel.

After washing your teeth you can rub them with the fresh leaves of sage, for refreshing breath. As for the leaf, it is good to use fresh parsley leaf, it is recommended to nibble leaves of parsley because of favorable effect on the enamel, and plus it will remove the black and smells of garlic.

Strawberries are also effective in teeth whitening as one of the remedies at home. Crush a few strawberries, and rub your teeth with them, it will also make your teeth to look more white and it will freshen your breath.

Whitening with apple vinegar

apple vinegar to bleach your teethWhen you mix a scoop of apple vinegar with a deciliter of water, you will get some kind of mouthwash. Thus prepared liquid you can use every day. It is important to strictly follow the recommended proportions because, in large quantities, vinegar can damage tooth enamel, and then – more harm than good!


Whitening with orange pill

You can rub your teeth and the inner side of them with the orange peel. The effect will be even better if you add a little salt on peel. Also you can do this with salted lemon pill. Of course, when you perform the procedure, wash your teeth in the usual way.



Baking powder whitening

baking power or baking soda to use at homeAfter using toothpaste once a week, rub and brush your teeth with baking powder.

Risking to be boring, let me repeat once again that this method should not use more often than once a week (except in the first case), to strictly abide by these amounts and make sure to wash your teeth in the usual way after some of this procedure.


Author : Carl Slim - Google+

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